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Industrial Applications

Energy Release Products Protect and Extend the Life of Your Equipment

When reliable equipment is essential for your livelihood, taking care of every part of it is really important. Continuous operation is a key...successful industrial and commercial operations needs to keep their equipment running. Friction, wear, corrosion and environmental conditions such as dirt, dust and water are among the leading causes for equipment failure. Energy Release Antifriction Metal Conditioner is designed to be carried by existing fluids to treat metal surfaces to ensure that your equipment is ready for action at any time. Energy Release treated components ensures heavy equipment operations will always run smoothly.

Energy Release (ER) is the Only Oil Additive That Can Be Used in
Every Lubricated System of Your Equipment

240good-bgglow Energy Release Antifriction Metal Conditioner
    • Engine Crankcase

    • Manual Transmission

    • Automatic Transmission

    • Hydraulic Pumps/Gear Boxes

    • Differentials/Transfer Case

    • Power Steering

    • Wheel Bearing Hubs

    • Commercial Refrigeration Compressors     

    • Air Compressors

Fire TruckFire Trucks and industrial equipment sit idle for long periods of time. Cold starts and moisture can damage internal engine components. The metal surfaces treated with ER are resistant to abrasion, oxidation, rust and corrosion for year-around protection.


Energy Release Has Been Tested and Proven Since 1985


Industrial and commercial equipment sit idle for long periods of time...Mother Nature takes its toll on them. The combustion process in an engine forms acids which are highly corrosive when the vapors condense. These acids collect in the upper cylinder areas where their temperature is raised above their dew point. The acids condense and etch the cylinder walls and piston rings, which accounts for engine wear. Cold starts are also harmful to the internal engine components because abrasion occurs. Moisture build- up (in the lubricated components of the equipment) causes corrosion and component failure.

Energy Release is activated by heat and pressure to protect against wear created by the moving parts in your engine and equip- ment. The metal surfaces treated with ER are resistant to abrasion, oxidation, rust and corrosion for year-around protection. Energy Release has a definite residual effect on treated surfaces, even if the surface is dry after treatment. 

CatD9TEnergy Release can be used in every lubricated system of your equipment. ER has a definite residual effect on treated surfaces. Energy Release Has A Definite Residual Effect On Treated Surfaces

  Treating Your Equipment with ER is an Investment

    • Energy Release Can Be Used In Every Lubricated System of Your Equipment

    • Highly Corrosive Acids Etch Cylinder Walls and Piston Rings

    • Cold Starts Can Damage the Internal Engine Components

    • Moisture Build-up Harms Internal Components

    • Energy Release Reduces Heat and Friciton

    • How Much Does it Cost to Treat A 10 Gallon System with ER?

    • Answer: $30.00

Energy Release Has A Significant Effect On Diesel Engines

Diesel engines provide power to the world. They provide power to trucks, ships and boats, construction and mining machines and much more...they also take a beating. Engines are a significant investment. Engine lubrication is perhaps the single most important element of a good maintenance program. Engine oil lubricates moving parts; it provides corrosion protection; it absorbs and neutral- izes contaminant; it serves as a coolant; and it is a sealant. Fuel efficiency is also a major consideration, especially with the energy conservation of the world's petroleum supplies (fuel savings is only a small portion of the true value of using Energy Release).

Energy Release has been tested and proven for over 20 years. Adding Energy Release to Diesel Engines helps eliminate oil related catastrophic failures caused by lubrication break down.

When Friction and Wear are Reduced in A Diesel Engine
any of the Following May Occur:

  • Increased Performance

  • Improved Combustion Efficiency

  • Increased Fuel Economy

  • Reduced Operating Temperatures

  • Quieter Operation

  • Reduced Oil Consumption

  • Extended Oil Life

  • Easier Cold Starts

  • Prolonged Vehicle Life

721px-Cummins EngineEngines are a significant investment. Adding Energy Release helps eliminate oil related catastrophic failures caused by lubrication break down. ER also extends the life of a Turbocharger.

Energy Release Increases Efficiency in Hydraulic Drive Systems

When a hydraulic pump moves fluid, the friction between the turbine vanes and the housing in a Rotary Vane Pump and the meshing of the gear teeth in a Gear Pump, translates into additional torque needed to operate the pump, particularly at start-up. It takes extra energy to get the pump started and you can’t run it at its optimum (high speed) efficiency because it would wear out more quickly. Treating the pump with Energy Release treats the turbine blades and gear teeth to reduce friction and increase wear resistance, which has a significant effect in boosting the efficiency of all kinds of industrial and commercial pumps.

Energy Release Hydraulic Volumetric and Mechanical Efficiency Test

Gear pumpHydraulic Gearpump

  Energy Release Hydraulic Test

    • Hydraulics: Tested by Fluid Engineering Services,
      Stillwater, Oklahoma, for both volumetric and
      mechanical efficiency.

    • Results: ER attained an incredible 8% increase in
      efficiency in initial and follow-up studies when added
      to a hydraulic test system working at pressures over
      400 PSI; the maximum increase of efficiency previously
      tested at the facility had been only .5%.


Energy Release High Temperature Synthetic G-200 Grease

Spicer Universal Joint Division of Dana Corporation has approved Energy Release G-200 High-Temperature Grease as having met 2006-J specification for High-Temperature Lubricant. It also meets the U.S. Department of Agriculture requirements for H-2. Can be used as a lubricant, release agent, or anti-rust film on equipment and machine parts in locations in which there is no possibility of the lubricant or lubricated part contacting edible products.


G-200 High-Temperature Synthetic Grease should be used
where severe shock loads are placed on bearings. Combined
with ER, G-200 offers high film strength, resistance to oxidation, rust and corrosion.


  • Caterpillar Lubricated Track Link Assemblies

  • Spicer and Rockwell U-joints

  • Back-hoe Hinge Pins and Bushings

  • Conveyor Bearings

  • Sand and Gravel Plants

  • Mining Operations

  • Fan Hubs

G-200 Grease Benefits

  • Heat Resistant, Melting-point above 550° F
  • Resistant to Oxidation, Rust and Corrosion
  • Adhesive; Clings to Moving Parts
  • Distinct Color for Easy Identification
  • High Film Strength
  • Resists Severe Loads
  • Non-melting
  • Resists Water

800px-JCB 3CX Backhoe loaderG-200 Synthetic Grease treats Backhoe Hinge Pins and Bushings to reduce internal wear, corrosion and noise. Energy Release treats metal surfaces in a time- temperature-pressure relationship. The higher the temperature or pressure, the shorter the time it takes to condition metal parts. 800px-AlbertaSulfurAtVancouverBCG-200 High-Temperature Synthetic Grease is utilized in material handling equipment serving the aggregate, steel, construction, agricultural, drilling, mining, landscap- ing, recycling and other industries.
Cardan ShaftG-200 Synthetic Grease provides excellent performance in U-joints. G-200 is non-melting, resists water, has high film strength and resists harsh loads. Hydraulic ExcavatorHigh-Temperature Synthetic Grease improves the under- carriage life on your Caterpillar Hydraulic Excavator. Works great in grease lubricated track link assemblies. G-200 improves internal wear life, decreases undercarriage noise and reduces the potential for frozen or seized track joints.

Energy Release Gear & Chain Clear Grease


ER Gear & Chain Clear grease combines a high quality soluble grease with
ER to form a protective barrier against moisture and extreme temperature swings.
It sprays on thin to penetrate the link pins and tacks up in seconds for superior
adherence. ER Gear & Chain Clear Grease helps to reduce overall wear and
prevents rust and corrosion form forming on exposed surfaces. It is recommended
for all types of gears, chains and hinge pins.

  • Sprays On Thin To Penetrate Link Pins and Bushings

  • Tacks Up in Seconds For Superior Adherence

  • Combined With ER Prevents Rust and Corrosion

  • Open Gears and Chain

  • Conveyor Chain

  • Hinge Pins


timing chainThe majority of chains fail from the inside. They stretch or kink up due to wear and corrosion inside the pin and busing area. ER Gear & Chain Grease with ER, sprays on thin to penetrate link pins and tacks up in seconds for superior adherence.

Energy Release Penetrating Lube



ER Multipurpose Penetrating Lube incorporates the metal
conditioning technology of ER in a convenient spray form.
It works well in high heat applications where ordinary lubricants
typically evaporate or burn away. ER Multipurpose Penetrating
Lube guards against rust on exposed surfaces, frees bolts and
fitting frozen by rust or corrosion and is an excellent antioxidant.   

  • Frees Bolts and Fittings Frozen by Rust or Corrosion

  • Excellent Antioxidant

rusty bolt 01 0510-lgThe exceptional effect of ER Penetrating Lube allows it to work directly into the rust by capillary action. The rusted bolt assembly can be easily dismantled after allowing 1-2 minutes penetration time.



Energy Release Cutting and Tapping Fluid



ER Cutting and Tapping Fluid is a superior cutting formula
containing ER which can be applied with ease. ER Cutting
and Tapping Fluid incorpo- rates ER to help tools cut through
the hardest metals without distortion and tool wear. The fluid
reduces heat and clings to tool surfaces providing superior
protection to cutters, drills, taps, reamers and punches. ER
Cutting and Tapping Fluid is recommended for use on stainless
steel, high nickel alloys and exotic alloys such as Titanium,
Hastelloy X, Inconel and Askoloy.

  • Incorporates ER to Cut Through Hard Metals

  • Provides Superior Protection

  • Protects Cutters, Drills, Taps, Reamer and Punches

  • Extends Tool Life

hss TapsToday’s machine shops are diverse and specialized. ER Cutting & Tapping Fluid is very effective in cutting through the hardest metals without distortion and tool wear.