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Powersports Applications

           ENERGY RELEASE - Since 1985


The Energy Release Chemists have been busy...they enhanced the antifriction properties of Energy Release by 40%. The New Formula offers improved anti-wear & extreme pressure performance. The improved formula is compatible with all engine oil grades, including low viscosity 0w20 Oils. The improved formula has superior thermal stability and resists thickening at low temperatures and prevents breakdown and shearing, which degrades lubricity. The New Energy Release Formula has advanced anti-corrosive and anti-oxidation properties to prevent the buildup of sludge. Energy Release's Advanced Formula is slightly more transparent in appearance and less viscous. 

Note: Energy Release Antifriction Engine Treatment IS NOT an oil treatment. ER is carried by oil to points of friction, heat generation and wear. Energy Release is activated by heat and friction and treats those areas directly.

Energy Release Products Protect and Extend the Life of Your Toys


Exciting and effective results are found when Energy Release is used in two & four-cycle small engine applications. ER reduces friction, lowers operating temperatures, increases RPM, torque and horsepower and extends component life. Your powersports vehicle will start better, perform more efficiently and obtain better fuel economy. These benefits are noticeable and are documented by many world-class racers that have used Energy Release for over 30 years. Energy Release can be used in many applications: engine, transmission, gearboxe, chain, chain case, shafts, bearings, wet clutches and more.


Energy Release Powersports Applications

  • Four-Cycle Engines

  • Two-Cycle Engine Oil Injection Systems       

  • Fuel/Pre-Mix in Two-Cycle Engines

  • Manual Transmission

  • Automatic Transmission

  • Chains, Chaincases, Gearboxes

  • Bearings, Shafts

  • Wet Clutches

 33 Custom300x191World Champion Snowmobile Racers have used Energy Release for over 20 years. Racers use ER in the engine, chaincase, bearings, suspension shafts and steering components.

Energy Release Has A Significant Effect On Small Engines

The Briggs & Stratton Animal is a single cylinder, four-stroke overhead valve engine used in many go-karting series, such as the International Kart Federation, World Karting Association and others. It is based on Briggs & Stratton’s 6.5 horsepower generator engines. Small engines—like the one in your snowmobile, watercraft, ATV, go-kart or motorcycle—will benefit from using ER. When you add Energy Release to the motor oil of these engines, you will experience the following:

  • RPM’s will increase

  • Oil temperature will drop

  • Engine will leak-down well

  • Small gain in horsepower due to less friction

  • Double the life of the engine components

ER protects every lubricated component of the four-stroke overhead valve engine: crankshaft, camshaft and gears, bearings, connecting rods, cylinder walls, wrist pins, etc.

animal2The Briggs & Stratton Animal is used in International Karting Federation, World Karting Association.  IntakeStrokeOverheadValveER protects every lubricated component of the four-stroke overhead valve engine. BriggsRacing Local206The Briggs & Stratton 206 will debut in the ISR (International Snowmobile Racing) as a semi-pro classification in 2012-2013. 


Energy Release Has Been Tested And Proven For Ove 30 Years

Modern oils and manufacturing systems have gone a long way to increasing the effective working life of engines in motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s, watercraft, scooters, utility vehicles and more. However, many powersports owners will face the possibility that their engine needs to be rebored and have new pistons and rings fitted at some point. The wear rate on the internal moving parts of an engine is highest at the piston ring to cylinder bore interface, due to the distance these components travel.

Energy Release is activated by heat and pressure to protect against wear created by the moving parts in your engine and equipment. The metal surfaces treated with ER are resistant to abrasion, oxidation, rust and corrosion for year-around protection. Energy Release has a definite residual effect on treated surfaces, even if the surface is dry after treatment.

Protect Your Investment!

ranger boat pg

Treating Your Toys with ER is an Investment.

  • How Many Days of the Year Does Your Equipment Sit Idle?

  • Highly Corrosive Acids Etch Cylinder Walls and Piston Rings.

  • Cold Starts Damage the Internal Engine Components.

  • Moisture Build-up Harms the Components of Your Engine.

  • Components Treated with ER are Protected Year-around.

  • ER is Very Affordable.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Treat 1 quart of oil with ER?

  • Answer: $1.32—based on 1 gallon price.

Friction, wear, corrosion and environmental conditions such as dirt, dust and water are
among the leading causes for equipment failure.

Outboard motorVery effective results are found when Energy Release is used in two & four-cycle outboard engines...they are expensive and need to be protected. Lower unit gearbox 4Outboard engine gearboxes are small and can contain only a little oil...they take a beating. ER treats the pinion and gears to help protect them from oil related catastrophic failures. Inboard EngineInboard applications are costly to say the least. ER protects and extends the life of your engine, transmission, drive units, lower unit, bearings and U-joints.


Energy Release Can Be Used in Every Lubricated System of Your Vehicles

Harley DavidsonHarley-Davidson owners swear by using Energy Release in their engines and transmissions. Most Harleys are air cooled with a dry sump lubrication system. Adding ER to the oil will lower operating temperatures and create a smoother shifting transmission. Harley Davidson V-TwinThe oil temperature in a Harley-Davidson V-twin will drop by 20 to 30 degrees when ER is added to the oil.  harley-transmissionThe sequential manual transmission in a Harley Davidson transmission benefits greatly when ER is added. Shifting is noticeably smoother and dramatically reduces the coefficient of friction and wear between gears. 


 polaris-ranger-rzrEnergy Release protects all ATV’s two and four-stroke engines. We recommend using ER G-200 Synthetic Grease to lubricate chassis lube points. ER Gear and Chain Clear Grease is very effective for lubricating chain and wheel lug nuts. 800px-Sea Doo LRVThe metal conditioning technology of ER protects your watercraft engine from moisture in fresh and salt water riding. Energy Release treated components are protected year-around. We recommend using ER G-200 Synthetic Grease to treat the trailer wheel bearings and ER Gear and Chain Clear Grease to treat the lug nuts. 
 800px-Touring arcticcatA snowmobile has many applications for Energy Release: engine; chaincase, suspension shafts, steering and bearings. Use ER G-100 Lithium Grease for suspension shafts and steering. Motorbike rider monoA motocross bike operates in extreme conditions. ER protects the engine and bearings. Apply ER Gear and Chain Clear Grease to the chain.


Energy Release Gear & Chain Clear Grease


ER Gear & Chain Clear Grease combines a high quality
soluble grease with ER to form a protective barrier against
moisture and extreme temperature swings. It sprays on thin
to penetrate the link pins and tacks up in seconds for superior
adherence. ER Gear & Chain Clear Grease helps to reduce
overall wear and prevents rust and corrosion form forming on
exposed surfaces. It is recommended for all types of gears
and chains.

  • Sprays On Thin To Penetrate Link Pins and Bushings

  • Tacks Up in Seconds For Superior Adherence

  • Combined With ER Prevents Rust and Corrosion

  • Open Gears and Chain

  • Conveyor Chain

  • Hinge Pins

Super KartER Gear & Chain Clear Grease sprays on thin to penetrate the link pins and tacks up in seconds for superior adherence.


Energy Release MuddOFF


MuddOFF is a non-toxic, nonflammable, non-corrosive
release agent that keeps mud, dirt, bugs, tar and sticky
materials from sticking. It is a pretreatment that you spray
on before using recreational equipment. MuddOFF leaves
a clear, not stick film that protects nonporous surfaces
from sticky materials making cleanup much easier.
MuddOFF creates a shield that keeps mud and other
heavy debris from sticking.

  • Prevents Mud and Dirt Rrom Sticking

  • Makes Cleanup Fast and Easy

  • Prevents Corrosion On Bare Metal Surfaces

  • Safe to Use On Plastics, Paint, Stickers and Metal

All-terraine mudd runnerMuddOFF is a ready to use, breakthrough prod- uct in non-stick technology. MuddOFF creates a shield that keeps mud, bugs, tar and other heavy debris from sticking.

Energy Release Citrus Engine Degreaser Plus


ER Citrus Engine Degreaser Plus is a versatile cleaner/
degreaser that can be used as a tough engine degreaser
or a gentle all purpose cleaner. The citrus-based formula
is safe to use on auto parts, tools, machinery and concrete
as well as stainless steel and plastic. The product is free
of petroleum distillates and is environmentally friendly.
This product rinses completely with water leaving no

  • Gentle All Purpose Cleaner

  • Citrus-based Formula

  • Safe Tools, Concrete, Stainless Steel and Plastics

  • Free of Petroleum Distillates

  • Environmentally Friendly

240px-OrangeBloss wbEnergy Release Citrus Degreaser Plus is made with a natural citrus solvent that cuts through the toughest grease, dirt and grime. ER Citrus Degreaser is great for cleaning in the home, garage, shop and office.



Energy Release Powersports Applications


Two-Cycle Oil Injection Systems: Do not add ER directly to the oil tank. Mix thoroughly (vigorously) 1 oz. of ER per quart of two-cycle motor oil at room temperature, then add to oil tank; ER will stay suspended in the oil. (1/2 oz. of ER per quart on subsequent applications).

Pre Mix in Two-Cycle Engines: Add ER to the two-cycle oil first at room temperature. Mix thoroughly (vigorously), then mix in the gas. ER will stay suspended in the oil/gas. Refer to the two-cycle chart for mixing ratios.

Four-Cycle Engines: Add 2 oz. of ER per quart of motor oil (16:1) for the first oil change. Use 1 oz. per quart of motor oil (32:1) on subsequent changes.

Chains: We recommend using Energy Release Gear & Chain Clear Grease. It is a clear grease in an aerosol that sprays on thin to penetrate the pins and links and tacks up in seconds for superior adherence.

Chain Cases: Add 2 oz. of ER to the existing chain case fluid. Make sure no to overfill. The metal filing that normally collect on the dipstick magnet in the chain case will decrease dramatically. For example, with an 12 ounce chain case capacity, use 10 ounces of recommended fluid and 2 ounces of ER.

Gearboxes: Add 2 oz. Of ER per quart of oil up to 80wt. (16:1). Add 4 oz. of ER per quart of oil over 80wt. (8:1).

Bearings: We recommend using Energy Release G-100 Lithium Grease. You may also inject two or three drops of ER through the seal, using a syringe or a sharp needle point greaser to assure a clean hole, then seal with silicone. Bearings will run cooler, smoother and last longer with ER.

Suspension Shafts & Steering: Use Energy Release G-100 Lithium Grease.

Wet Clutches: One of the most frequently asked questions is: “Can ER be used with wet clutches like the clutch in a motorcycle?” Yes it Can. ER teats only ferrous metals, therefore, it does not negatively affect the fiber in wet clutches. In fact, many users report better clutch performance with ER.

Questions & Answers

Q. Can I use ER in my brand new engine?
A. Yes. However, we recommend that you break-in your new engine as suggested by the manufacturer, then add ER to your oil.

Q. Can I use ER in my old engine?
A. Yes. ER is known for its ability to give new life to many old engines.

Q. How long will it take for me to see results with ER?

A. Many users report results within the first one or two tanks of gas. However, remember that ER is a heat-activated chemical which needs time to work and that each vehicle is different. Give ER time to work.

Q. How does using ER affect my warranty?
A. Manufacturers don’t usually specify the brand of oil you must use or state that you cannot use an additive. They do, however, have specific requirements for regular service intervals and keeping within certain viscosity and oil type guidelines. Mixing ER with oil at the recommended rations does not change the viscosity ratings of the oil. Therefore, it does not create a problem with most warranty plans, as long as the owner has maintained the vehicle per the manufacturer’s warranty program.

Q. Is ER an Oil Treatment?

A. No. Energy Release Antifriction Engine Treatment IS NOT an oil treatment. The oil is a carrier for ER in the engine to points of friction, heat generation and wear. ER is activated by heat & friction and treats those areas directly.


Crankcase: (16:1) 2 oz. per quart of oil initially. Subsequent applications—1 oz. per quart.
Fuel (2-cycle): (64:1) 1/2 oz. per quart of 2-cycle oil (mix thoroughly) before mixing with gasoline.

Power Steering
(32:1) 1 oz. per quart

Up to 80wt. Oil: (16:1) 2 oz. per quart . Over 80wt. Oil: (8:1) 4 oz. per quart.

Automatic: (64:1) 1/2 oz. per quart. Manual: (16:1) 2 oz. per quart.

Note: DO NOT use ER in posi-track or limited slip differentials.

Two-Cycel Mixing Ratios