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Some of the greatest racers and most distinguished teams in the world rely on Energy Release Products to help reduce friction and increase performance in their vehicles. Applied Hi-Performance Products is proud to offer these teams a true competitive advantage over their opponents. Energy Release Products are used by all of our sponsored racers and all endorsements are a result of genuine satisfaction of ER’s performance.

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Energy Release Benefits Endorsed by Racers     

  • Decrease Friction in the Motor

  • The Oil Temperature Drops     

  • The Valve Springs Last Longer

  • The Leak-down On the Motor is Better

  • Doubles the Life of the Rear-ends

  • Power Steering Runs Cooler

  • Gear Box Runs 10 to 15 Degrees Cooler

  • Increase In Horsepower

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Energy Release (ER) is the Only Oil Additive That Can Be Used in Every Lubricated System

of Your Vehicle (not brake fluid).

We recommend Energy Release to all of our customers who are serious about cutting engine repair costs and winning races. Engines are a significant investment. Adding Energy Release helps eliminate oil related catastrophic failures caused by lubrication break down...ER also extends the life of a Turbocharger.

racing article manager middle 250x181 nygaardWade Nygaard #9

     Energy Release Racing Applications     

  • Engine Crankcase

  • Manual Transmission

  • Automatic Transmission

  • Gear Box

  • Differentials / Transfer Case

  • Power Steering

  • Wheel Bearing Hubs

  • Chain | Chaincase

  • Suspension Components

  • Shock Oil

  • Bearings

  • Two-Cycle Oil Injection Systems

  • Fuel / Pre-Mix

  • U-Joints

  • Hydraulics

  • Metal Working
racing article manager 250x205 paulisMiles Paulis 9P - Filkins Motorsports
racing article manager middle 250x177 gravelDavid Gravel #5 - Go racing article manager middle 250x166 kilbrideChristian Kilbride #17
racing article manager middle 250x193 pedersonJoey Pederson #7P racing article manager middle 250x167 jeremy houleJeremy Houle #54 | SPEEDWERX 


Energy Release Has Been Tested and Proven Since 1985.

Modern oils and manufacturing systems have gone a long way to increasing the effective working life of racing engines in all forms of motorsports. However, many race teams will face the possibility that their engine needs to be rebored and have new pistons and rings fitted at some point. The wear rate on the internal moving parts of an engine is highest at the piston ring to cylinder bore interface, due to the distance these components travel.

Energy Release is compatible with all engine oil grades, including low viscosity 0W-20 oils. The advanced formula has superior thermal stability and resists thickening at low temperatures and prevents breakdown and shearing, which degrades lubricity. The improved Energy Release Formula has advanced anti-corrosive and anti-oxidation properties to prevent the buildup of sludge. The ER Improved Formula is slighty more transparent in appearance and less viscous.  

Energy Release Anifriction Engine Treatment is NOT an oil treatment. ER is carried by oil to points of friction, heat generation and wear. ER is activated by heat and friction and treats those areas directly, to protect against wear created by the moving parts in your racing engine and vehicle. The metal conditioning technology of Energy Release leaves a residual effect without changing tolerances, even if the surface is dry after treatment. Surfaces treated with ER are resistant to abrasion, oxidation, rust and corrosion.

Performance. Protection. Proven.

Stanton Racing - MoparTeam Mopar Dale Skytland - Track ChampionDale Skytland Forbrook Racing - World of Outlaws signedGreg Hodnett Davey Hamilton - World Record HolderDavey Hamilton 





Racing Applications


The Energy Release Chemists have been busy in the lab...they enhanced the antifriction properties of Energy Relase by 40%. The New Formula offers improved anti-wear & extreme pressure performance. The improved formula is compatible with all engine oil grades, including low viscosity 0w20 Oils. The improved formula has superior thermal stability and resists thickening at low temperatures and prevents breakdown and shearing, which degrades lubricity. The New Energy Release Formula has advanced anti-corrosive and anti-oxidation properties to prevent the buildup of sludge. Energy Release Products Advanced Formula is slightly more transparent in appearance and less viscous.      

Note: Energy Release Antifriction Engine Treatment IS NOT an oil treatmentER is carried by oil to points of friction, heat generation and wear. ER is activated by heat & friction and treats those areas directly.

What Is Energy Release?

Energy Release, commonly known as ER, is the original and first true antifriction metal conditioner. ER works on an entirely different principal than other additives and incorporates a heat activated chemical technology to form an extraordinarily smooth surface and accomplish unparalleled results. ER is not an oil or lubricant but uses oils and lubricants to carry itself to points of heat and friction. ER is a pure undiluted complex chemical formula that contains organic and synthetic compounds. ER mixes readily with petroleum and synthetic lubricants such as oils, greases, ATF / hydraulic fluids and can even be used in air conditioning systems.

How Does Energy Release Work?

ER treats the metal itself rather than the oil. ER contains a Ferrous based Ion that actually becomes a part of the molecular structure of any ferrous (iron) containing material. When activated by heat, the ion in Energy Release is looking for a home and will modify the molecular structure of ferrous metals; ER actually seals the rough pores and smooths the asperities of the metal surface without changing any tolerances. This process dramatically reduces the coefficient of friction and wear between moving metal parts.

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Product Information:

  • Energy Release IS NOT an oil treatment. The oil is a carrier for ER in the engine to points of friction, heat generation & wear

  • Energy Release is 100% Pure Concentrate.

  • Energy Release treats your entire vehicle.

  • Energy Release does not contain PTFE, Moly, graphite, lead, zinc, metals or fillers.

  • Energy Release is designed to be carried by existing fluids: motor oil, transmission oil and gear lube.

  • Energy Release can be used in every lubricated system of your vehicle.

  • Energy Release treats metal surfaces in a time-temperature-pressure relationship. The higher the temperature or pressure,
    the shorter the time it takes to condition metal parts.

  • Energy Release has a definite residual effect on treated surfaces without changing tolerances,
    even if the surface is dry after treatment.

  • Energy Release is nonflammable, nontoxic and environmentally friendly.

Energy Release Products Protect and Extend the Life of Your Racing Vehicles

Energy Release Racing Products reduces friction, lower operating temperatures, increase RPM, torque and horsepower and extends component life. These benefits are noticeable and are documented by many world-class racers that have used Energy Release since 1985. Energy Release protects every lubricated component of your race vehicles: crankshaft, camshaft and gears, bearings, connecting rods, cylinder walls, wrist pins, chaincase, suspension shafts, gearboxes, transmission, etc.

Energy Release Sponsorship Program

Applied Hi-Performance Products offers discounts to racers / teams that qualify. Applicants must submit a racing career resume and /or proposal to (AHPP) for approval for the sponsorship program. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about any of the products we distribute. We can be reached via phone at 218-791-4267 Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.

Energy Release Racing Applications

Engine / Crankcase: 2 oz. per quart of oil.

Power Steering: (32:1) 1 oz. per quart.

Differentials: Up to 80wt. Oil: (16:1) 2 oz. per quart. Over 80wt. Oil: (8:1) 4 oz. per quart.

Transmissions:Automatic: (64:1) 1/2 oz. per quart. Manual: (16:1) 2 oz. per quart

Note: DO NOT use ER in posi-track or limited slip differentials with metal clutch discs on axle drive gears because they require metal-to-metal friction to function.

Two-Cycle Oil Injection Systems: Do not add ER directly to the oil tank. Mix thoroughly (vigorously) 1/2 oz. of ER per quart of two-cycle motor oil at room temperature, then add to oil tank; ER will stay suspended in the oil.

Pre Mix in Two-Cycle Engines: Add ER to the two-cycle oil first at room temperature. Mix thoroughly (vigorously), then mix in the gas. ER will stay suspended in the oil/gas. Refer to the two-cycle chart for mixing ratios.

Four-Cycle Engines: Add 2 oz. of ER per quart of motor oil (16:1).

Chains: We recommend using Energy Release Gear & Chain Clear Grease. It is a clear grease in an aerosol that sprays on thin to penetrate the pins and links and tacks up in seconds for superior adherence.

Chain Cases: Add 2 oz. of ER to the existing chain case fluid. Make sure no to overfill. The metal filing that normally collect on the dipstick magnet in the chain case will decrease dramatically. For example, with an 8 ounce chain case capacity, use 6 ounces of recommended fluid and 2 ounces of ER.

Gearboxes: Add 2 oz. Of ER per quart of oil up to 80wt. (16:1). Add 4 oz. of ER per quart of oil over 80wt. (8:1).

Bearings: We recommend using Energy Release G-100 Lithium Grease. You may also inject two or three drops of ER through the seal, using a syringe or a sharp needle point greaser to assure a clean hole, then seal with silicone. Bearings will run cooler, smoother and last longer with ER.

Suspension Shafts & Steering: Use Energy Release G-100 Lithium Grease.

Wet Clutches: One of the most frequently asked questions is: “Can ER be used with wet clutches like the clutch in a motorcycle?” Yes. ER teats only ferrous metals, therefore, it does not negatively affect the fiber materials in wet clutches. In fact, many users report better clutch performance with ER.

Questions & Answers

Q. Can I use ER in my brand new engine?

A. Yes. However, we recommend that you break-in your new engine as suggested by the engine builder, then add ER to your oil.

Q. Can I use ER in my old engine?
A. Yes. ER is known for its ability to give new life to many old engines 

Q. How long will it take for me to see results with ER?

A. ER is a heat-activated chemical that works quickly in a racing engine. The engine oil temperature will drop noticeably due to less friction in the motor. The rear-end will run 10-15 degrees cooler. These benefits are noticeable and are documented by many world-class racers that have used ER since 1985.

Q. Is it true that ER can be used in my engine, transmission, differential and even my air conditioner?
A. Yes, this is fact. Most additives can only be used in an engine. ER however, can be used with any lubricant in your race vehicle. This not only makes ER the most universal and practical metal conditioner, but also the least expensive.

Q. Are there other products like ER on the market today?
A. No. ER is a true metal conditioner. Energy Release, LLC owns the formula and manufacturing rights for Energy Release.

Q. Do you have any tips or suggestions for using ER in racing applications?
Yes. Noel Schanilec, owner of Applied Hi-Performance Products, has over 30 years of experience using ER in numerous racing applications. These applications require a detailed explanation; please contact us and we will make arrangements to send this information to you. With over 35 years of experience in the high-performance industry, AHPP is committed to excellence in everything we do. We will be happy to provide product support and answer any technical questions that you may have.

Q. Does using ER an engine increase horsepower?   

Yes. However, we don't promote horsepower gains. We promote: PROTECTION. PERFORMANCE. PROVEN. Horsepower gains are about 1%... an added benefit when using ER.

Racing Testimonials

Racing Testimonials — Automotive

Check Out The Photo Gallery For Hard Copy Testimonials

"I have been using Energy Release products in all of my race cars for over 25 years. When we first added ER to our engine oil, it showed noticeable gains in horsepower and decreased friction in the motor. This is evident from seeing the oil temperatures run much cooler. The oil temps dropped and the valve springs last much longer and the leak down on the motors is better. After adding Energy release to our power steering, it runs much cooler. A big benefit came when adding ER to the rear ends in the race cars. We are able to get 25 nights on the same ring gear and pinion compared to only 12-15- nights previously. The reliability of Energy Release helps us to finish races and run up front. Adding Energy Release to our engines helps eliminate oil related failures caused by lubrication breakdown. I recommend using Energy Release to anyone who is serious about cutting engine repair costs and winning races."
Sammy Swindell | 3-Time World of Outlaws National Champion (3-22-17)

"We have been using Energy Release products primarily in our dirt Late Model program, but also in our weekly kart racing and as of 2016 our Lighting Sprint program. ER products have benefited our team in many ways ranging form lower maintenance costs, increased longevity of drive line components, less drive line failures, reduced friciton and increase performance. Our engine builder contiunues to be impressed with the lack of normal engine wear components such as bearing, timing chains/gears and piston wear. Our engine builder has recommended that we plan for engine freshens at 40 nights instead of the usual 30 nights. I recommend Energy Release to anyone that is serious about cutting engine repair costs and winning races."
Joey Pederson #7P | Pederson Racing (3-18-17)

"We use ER in the rear ends, engine and steering gear. Our rear end rebuild man has said, whatever you're using, keep using it because the ring and pinion have been lasting longer. I would recommend Energy Release to racers that want to cut repair costs."
Wade Nygaard #9N | Nygaard Motorsports (3-19-17) 

"We have been using Energy Release products in all of our racing applications for over 20 years."
Jeremy Houle | Speedwerx (4-15-16)

"The Energy Release product line is outstanding. We have had a lot of success ever since we started using thier products. A big thing that they do is make our components last longer. By applying their product and servicing it regularly, we vary rarely have to replace bearings, chains and even motor wear is less than normal. With that said, you could only imagine the amount of money these products save us. It is a decent amount, that allows us to spend that extra money we have on other products. With all of these wonderful products, it has helped us collect several wins and championships over the past three years." 
Miles Paulus | Miles Paulus Racing (12-9-2016)

"Filkins Motorsports has been using Energy Release products now for three years. Our engine builder introduced us to Energy Release oil additive and from that point on we have not lost one engine to lubrication failure. The Suzuki GSXR 600 engines we run, have an internal wet clutch. Energy Release creates no concerns with wet clutches. We use 4 ounces of Energy Release to 4 quarts of oil every oil change. Noel, since we have starting using the full line of Energy Release oil additive, wheel bearing grease, chain lube, penetration oil and MuddOff, it would be hard to put a value on the parts replacement cost that the ER products have saved us. Noel, I could go on and on about what your Energy Release products have done for us. Thank you for giving us a chance to display and promote your products. If you ever need a referance for a new customer or dealer I would be glad to speak with them anytime. You are right, the products will sell themselves!!"
Miles Paulus | Filkins Motorsports (3-16-2015)

"Well Noel, I finally have results for you. Engine builder says other than rings and a slight amount of piston and wall wear, the engine showed almost no signs of wear else where. My rear end looked excellent as well as the transmission. The real surprising part to me was the rear shaft on the end of my transmission and its ball bearings. Every year for as long as I've been racing I have needed to replace those balls annually due to wear/rust spots/flaking, I'm proud to say I will not replace them this year, it all looks perfect. You apparently have some real good grease too!"
Joey Pederson - 7P Racing (2-25-2015)

JOEY PEDERSON (7P Racing) found measurable results with ER products in 2014.
ER Grease - (Bert Transmission) Ball spline ball kits are a common yearly replacement wear item for many Late Model teams. I'm proud to say after inspections, ours looks perfect, and does not need replacing for next season after using ER Grease in 2014.
ER Oil Additive - (Engine) Our engine builder said the engine we used in 2014 (with ER Products) showed almost no signs of wear outside of normal ring wear.
ER Oil Additive - (Dry Sump Oil Pump) When serviced, oil pumps commonly need new bearings and occasionally a shaft replacement. Afer a season of using ER, I'm proud to say ours needed nothing but an inspection and new seals.
ER Oil Additive - (Rear End) We noticed no signs of gear wear in our rear end after a season of using the ER additive and benefited from reduce oil temps after race conditions.
Joey Pederson - 7P Racing

"I wanted to take moment and express my feedback on your products that were used during the season. Energy Release products have proven to be successful in the Thomas Motorsports #2 car. We used numerous Energy Release products including Energy Release Antifricion Metal Conditiner, ER Gear and Chain Grease, ER G-100 High Speed Lithium Grease, ER G-200 Grease and the ER Citrus Engine Degreaser. With all the synthetic and lithium grease products, we had no bearing and torque ball wear. The synthetic was also used on our drive shaft and we had no wear at all. With the ER, we experienced better gas mileage in our race hauler which contributed to lowering our expense on fuel and better performance on all pumps as well. Overall, we are completly satisfied and excited to be using Energy Release product on a regular basis."
Michael Thomas | Owner, Thomas Motorsports (11-1-2014)

"We performed a Dyno Test on my 454 Chevy Race Engine at Brickshop Dyno in Gilman, MN on April 18, 2013. After establishing a base line reading, we added Energy Release. The corrected horse power reading increased by 1%." 
Leroy Hall | Halls Racing Engines - New London, MN)

“I ran Energy Release in my rear end and seen a big difference in temperature and gear shavings between oil changes, very good positive results in that. I also ran ER in the engine oil and seen some oil temp and water temp drop. As far as the cutting and tapping, I will be needing some more. Worked very well!. All and all I liked the product.”
Matt Schow 2s | Midwest Modified Racer

“I use Energy Release in all my vehicles. My personal ones, my racing ones and my toys. Energy Release helps us to finish races and run up front.”
Sammy Swindell | 3-time World of Outlaws National Champion

"In March 1993 at the World of Outlaws race in Houston, Texas, our sprint car motor blew a water hose on lap 19 of a 40-lap feature. Thanks to Energy Release, we suffered no bearing trouble or oil-related problems at all. We have been using Energy Release ever since with the greatest of confidence."
Danny Lasoski | World of Outlaws Champion

"ER on the dyno has outperformed anything we've ever used. Once we put ER in, we have not seen any pitting of any ring gears, the gears look like they have never been used. I don't know how they made it or came up with it, but somebody did their homework. I'm amazed."
Donny Schatz | World of Outlaws Champion

 “Wow! What a difference Energy Release Made! The hotter the bike runs, the more powerful it gets! You can definitely feel it pull harder. It never did that before ER.”
Matt Drucker | Member of the Great Lakes Road Racing Associations

“I have not had a lube related failure since I first started using Energy Releases...ER doubled the life of our rear-ends...Energy Re- lease is the product for me.”
Davey Hamilton | IRL Indy Car Driver

“Energy Release is the finest product of its type available for use in all types of metal-to-metal applications...Peterson race team know Energy Release Antifriction Metal Conditioner is a must for ever race!”
Craig Peterson (Peterson Racing Team)

“This stuff is amazing! I’ve been using ER for 3 1/2 years in the supermodified. We have set multiple track records, a championship, and a wind percentage that’s awesome. All this with no engine failures in the past 3 1/2 years, believe me, it really works! Seeing is believing!”
Troy Regier (Winner of 1998, 1999, 2000 Copper World Classic, 1998 WSMRA Supermodified Champion)

“Energy Release has been in our motor, rear-end and supercharger gear case since the day we were introduced to it. We like to think Energy Release is one of our best kept secrets.”
John Shoemaker (Winner of NHRA Winter NatioJnals)

On blown alcohol engines using screw type blowers, rod bearings have been known to be a weak link; sometimes requiring a re- placement every run. Since using Energy Release, we have virtually eliminated the problem. We were also experiencing burning of the clutch discs in our planetary transmission. Using Energy Release, we have been able to run clutch pack sets through their entire thickness specification range without premature failure.”
Steve Sommer (Sommer Motorsports)

“Arnie “The Farmer” Beswick is the most well know Pontiac Drag Racer in the world. His continuous series of Pontiac super stocks, funny cars and nostalgia door slammers have made him an undisputed fan favorite from coast-to-coast for over 40 years. Arnie can be counted on for racing and display and ost of all, for being attentive to his loyal fans who travel far and wide to see their hero up close and personal.” — Arnie “Energy Release products are used by all of our sponsored racers and all endorsements are a result of genuine satisfaction of our product’s performance.
Arnie “The Farmer” Beswick (Pontiac Drag Racer)

“During that critical time, when oil alone cannot keep the rotating surfaces from failing, ER keeps the surfaces perfectly protect- ed...we are extremely impressed and completely satisfied with the results of ER’s entire product line.”
Bobby Martin (Drag Racer)

“Energy Release has done quite a bit for us. Where we see a lot of improvement is in the valve springs. ER has reduced the operat- ing temperature of the valve springs between rebuilds. We used to change springs 2 and 3 times between rebuilds, now we don't see springs back until it’s time to rebuild the engines.”
Earl Gaerte (Circle Track Engine Builder)

“I use Energy Release on everything I own. Race cars, personal vehicles...anything that involves and kind of oil additives. We don’t build a race car without it.”
Joe Gaerte (World of Outlaws Racer)

“At over 300 MPH we have found the extra margin with ER, more than 15 world records attest to it!”
TNT Racing (Danny Boy) (World’s fastest single engine gas powered car)

“Under the adverse conditions we compete in, ER helps keep our equipment together. ER has increased the life span of our drive train components.”
Grave Digger

“Getting a full season out one drive chain used to e unheard of. However, with ER, we have found a competitive edge and improved chain, gear and bearing life.”
Team Tool Motorsports (Multi Driver Shifter Kart Racing Team)

“Whenever we go to victory lane, Energy Release goes with us.”
ppc Racing (NASCAR Busch Series)

“I use ER in all of my vehicles! It has given me increase mileage in my motor coach and makes my jet truck run smoother—I use all of the products. I haven’t found any other chemicals that actually work—ER delivers!”
Steve Quersio (Custom Built 57 Chevy Jet Truck)

Testimonials — Powersports

"The use Energy Release (ER) products helped out our race team in many ways. The use of ER products has helped with performance and significantly reduced the wear of our driveline on our race sleds. Because of extreme heat and abuse, our chains and gears in our Cross-Country and Ice Racing sleds had a high failure rate, since we started mixing ER with our chain lube, our problems have been essentially eliminated."
Gabe Bunke | Bunke Racing 

"We have been using Energy Release products in all of our racing applicaitons for over 20 years."
Jeremy Houle | Speedwerx

“We usually have to discard our sprockets and chains after 50 miles of racing, but with ER they are still in place after an entire Sea- son I would recommend ER to anyone and everyone.”
Troy Pierce

“Since we began using ER in our chain case and bearings, we have not had one bearing failure. Our chain and gears last twice as long as they used to.” “Our race engines run more efficiently and the engine components last longer when we use ER. ER works.”
Chris Vincent

“Since we began using Energy Release we have gained in many aspects. Our engine durability is much better, we have not had any bearing failures and our chain cases have been bulletproof.”
Todd Wolff

“I benefit from using Energy Release because it makes all my parts run more freely including my engine, chain case, bearings and suspension. That little bit on an edge goes a long way.”
Nicole Nicholas

“ER has done a lot of stuff for me. ER is a product that basically helps your snowmobile go faster. I use ER in my motor, chain case, and bearings. ER is good product, I use it everywhere on my race sleds.”
Mike Houle

“I have been using Energy Release products in my race sled for five years. I use Energy Release in my chain case and my engine. I like the increase in horsepower and my chain case stays much cleaner. My chains don’t stretch or break like they did before I start- ed using Energy Release. I also use the Energy Release brake parts cleaner, degreaser, penetrating lube and hand cleaner. All of these products work great.”
Aaron Scheele

“I use Energy Release in my chainb case. My chain cases run cooler and it stays much leaner. I also use Energy Release in my engine, which shows less wear on the internal components. Energy Release products are used in all of my racing applications an my personal vehicles.”
Kurtis Crapo

“I applied ER in four areas of my race sleds: engine, chain case, and wheel bearings. When I took the engine apart, I noticed that the pistons and rings looked like new. The case bearings looked the same way.” “ I also added ER to the chain case on my race sleds. I noticed a lot less grinding in the oil. The chain and gears showed no sign of discoloring form the heat. I am definitely a believer in ER. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about cutting repair costs and winning races.”
Greg Rugland

“My chain case developed a leak about hallway through the 12-hours Enduro snowmobile race a Sault Ste. Marie, MI. When I came in for a pit stop, the chain case had no oil in it. The gears were so hot that th oil and ER mixture we poured back in the chain case began to sizzle. The gears and the chain were not damaged, thanks to ER. We went on to win the race. We receive the same kind of protection when we use ER in our tracing engines.”
Corey Davidson

“Energy Release is a quality engine treatment and metal conditioner that has made a great difference in my racing machines.”
Norman Ball III

“In the past I have always changed my chains and gears throughout the racing season. This year, for the first time, I used the same gears and chains for the entire year in all my racing sleds. ER works.”
Rick Ward

“We would like to thank all of our sponsors for a very successful 1996-97 Season. We want to thank Energy Release for the extra horsepower and reliability.”
Toni Haikonen

“My chains and gears in my racing sleds showed very little wear after they were treated with ER. ER works great.”
Darrin Gould

“Energy Release products are awesome.”
Guy Parquette

““We use the Aqua Sol 600 Soluble Oil in all our metal working fluid applications. This product has doubled the life of our cold-cut saw blade and it has extended the life our tooling in our mill and turning lathe.”
Terry Wahl

“My husband, who is my mechanic, really believes that using ER in our racing applications saved a lot of wear and tear on my race sled. Using ER made my engine last longer and perform better, While we were racing in Montana, we had the highest compression of all sleds tested in teardown. With the help of ER we were winners.”
Debbie Revering

“We use Energy Release to gain an edge on our’s working!” “With the help of ER, our team used only two sets of chains and gears the entire season! Great Ration or What!!! Check out our equation: 1 sprocket chain + ER = 1 500 mile cross- country win. 1 sprocket chain + ER = 5 wins & 1 snocross championship.”
Gabby Rivard

Energy Release Racers

Who Says Nothing Beats Energy Release?

Some of the greatest racers and most distinguished teams in the world rely on Energy Release Products to help reduce friction and increase performance in their vehicles. Noel Schanilec, Owner/Manager of Applied Hi-Performance Products, is proud to have partnered with these race teams for over 22 years to offer them a true competitive advantage over their opponents. Take a moment to look at a few of the racers that have discovered the benefits of using Energy Release in their racing applications.


Chad Dyrdahl          
David McClure

Ross Erdman

Aaron Christensen Rob Kincaid Jeremy Houle Racing Speedwerx
Gabe Bunke

Team Yamaha             Cross-Country

Andy Mack Brian Strawsell Jeremy Houle  Malcolm Chartier 
Mike Houle Steve Houle Guy Useldinger Wahl Bros. Racing Guy Parquette Harley Doebber
Steve Decker  Nolan Knochenmus Troy Pierce Nathan Titus Todd Wolff Warnert Racing
Jeremy Crapo   Jesse Strege  Valerie Schaleben Gabby Rivard  Rob Irving  Team Hammer 
Dennis J. Eckstrom  Corey Davidson  Jim Beck Jr.   Chris Schultz Scott Edemam   Paul Niznik
 Andy Houle  Brandon Anderson  Jim Beck Sr.  Dan Giannotti  Brian Hissom  Willy Jensen
 Dale Lindbeck  Nathan Oprita  Greg Rugland  Chad Ramesh  George Sherrard  Aaron Scheele
 Janne Tapio  Joseph Kuhn  Brandon Lizakowski  Gary Wylot  Norman Ball III  Rick Ward
 John Wicht  Justin Tate  Daniel Skallet  Matt Scheer  Troy Schaden  Deborah Revering
 Tim Maki  Jason Jones  Toni Haikonen  David Brown  Kevin Anderson  Karl Christian
 Shane Kyllo  Jacob Jay  Darrin Gould Rick Ward Nicole Nicholas   Trevor John
 Dave Kirkman  Gabe Bunke Chris Iverson   Team Butch  Mark Maki  Shane Felegy
 Tim Bender  Todd Tupper  Jeff Detrick  Dennis Durmas  Troy Dewald  Kurtis Crapo
 Shilah Brown  Chris Vincent  Bryan Timmer  Blair Morgan Barry Dawson  TJ Gula 
Brian Perreault Mike Staszak    

Sprint Car


Sammy Swindell Danny Lasoski Donny Schatz Randy Hannigan Wade Nygaard Guy Forbrook
Jimmy Sills Davey Hamilton Kenny Hamilton Russel Racing Greg Hodnett Stanton Racing
 Team Mopar Joe Gaerte  Shane Stewart   Tyler Walker McKinnie Motorsports  JJ Yeley 
Mike Johnson  Pat Miller   Jason Linnell Kevin Jopp  Tim Mulvaney  Dean Jacobs 
Tony Stewart 
Bruce Donaldson  Marlon Jones   Gary Walton Junior Holbrook  Jade Hastings 
Tanner Wisk  Michael Thomas  Miles Paulus  SJS Motorsports  Filkins Motorsports  Nick Schaffer 
CJB Motorsports Barry Jackson Tanner Wisk       


Engine Builders


Gaerte Racing Engines Socci Racing Engines Rex Hutchinson Engines Kirn Racing Engines
Shaver Racing Engines Halls Racing Engines Dennis Ray  Speedwerx 

Late Model


Dale Skytland Tom Corcoran Cody Skytland
Joey Pederson    

Midwest Modified


Matt Schow Nolan Olmstead Gary Walton
Jeremy Houle



Bobby Allison  Derrike Cope   Elton Sawyer  Scott Riggs Jason Keller  Shane Riffel 
Cale Yarborough  Tony Furr  PPC Racing  Joe Gibbs Racing  BK Racing  Matt DiBenedetto 
Jeb Burton David Ragan AM Racing Austin Self Tim Self  



Monster Truck


Dennis Anderson   Grave Digger Feld Motor Sports  Monster Jam 


Drag Racing


 Craig Peterson  John Shoemaker Corky East  Chad King  Bill Weckman  Chuck Cielinski 



 Dan Stanley Jeff Russell  Matt Drucker  JML Racing   Bruce Shaapveld Doug Henry 
 Lazarus Sommers Bruce Dickson 


Indy Car


Davey Hamilton  Hemelgarn Racing  Tony Stewart  Billy Boat 


Truck Puller


 Dan Ceolho Bruce McClintock 


Go Kart


Chuck Moles  T.J. Ross   Michael Adamson Bauer Engines  Matthew Krechel  Zac Anderson 
 Mike Ositch Randy Bauer   


Bonniville Salt Flats


 TNT Racing Danny Boy Streamliner  Bob Norwood  Norwood Ferrari Service 


Road Racing


Tom Blanchard  Jim Wilson  Jerry Wilson 



Scotty Crandlemire 

Boat Racing


Pat Finn  Ricky Gage  Craig Roberts