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Some of the greatest racers and most distinguished teams in the world rely on Energy Release Products to help reduce friction and increase performance in their vehicles. Applied Hi-Performance Products is proud to offer these teams a true competitive advantage over their opponents. Energy Release Products are used by all of our sponsored racers and all endorsements are a result of genuine satisfaction of ER’s performance.

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Energy Release Benefits Endorsed by Racers     

  • Decrease Friction in the Motor

  • The Oil Temperature Drops     

  • The Valve Springs Last Longer

  • The Leak-down On the Motor is Better

  • Doubles the Life of the Rear-ends

  • Power Steering Runs Cooler

  • Gear Box Runs 10 to 15 Degrees Cooler

  • Increase In Horsepower

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Energy Release (ER) is the Only Oil Additive That Can Be Used in Every Lubricated System

of Your Vehicle (not brake fluid).

We recommend Energy Release to all of our customers who are serious about cutting engine repair costs and winning races. Engines are a significant investment. Adding Energy Release helps eliminate oil related catastrophic failures caused by lubrication break down...ER also extends the life of a Turbocharger.

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     Energy Release Racing Applications     

  • Engine Crankcase

  • Manual Transmission

  • Automatic Transmission

  • Gear Box

  • Differentials / Transfer Case

  • Power Steering

  • Wheel Bearing Hubs

  • Chain | Chaincase

  • Suspension Components

  • Shock Oil

  • Bearings

  • Two-Cycle Oil Injection Systems

  • Fuel / Pre-Mix

  • U-Joints

  • Hydraulics

  • Metal Working
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Energy Release Has Been Tested and Proven Since 1985.

Modern oils and manufacturing systems have gone a long way to increasing the effective working life of racing engines in all forms of motorsports. However, many race teams will face the possibility that their engine needs to be rebored and have new pistons and rings fitted at some point. The wear rate on the internal moving parts of an engine is highest at the piston ring to cylinder bore interface, due to the distance these components travel.

Energy Release is compatible with all engine oil grades, including low viscosity 0W-20 oils. The advanced formula has superior thermal stability and resists thickening at low temperatures and prevents breakdown and shearing, which degrades lubricity. The improved Energy Release Formula has advanced anti-corrosive and anti-oxidation properties to prevent the buildup of sludge. The ER Improved Formula is slighty more transparent in appearance and less viscous.  

Energy Release Anifriction Engine Treatment is NOT an oil treatment. ER is carried by oil to points of friction, heat generation and wear. ER is activated by heat and friction and treats those areas directly, to protect against wear created by the moving parts in your racing engine and vehicle. The metal conditioning technology of Energy Release leaves a residual effect without changing tolerances, even if the surface is dry after treatment. Surfaces treated with ER are resistant to abrasion, oxidation, rust and corrosion.

Performance. Protection. Proven.

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