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MuddOFF Super Concentrate Prevents Mud From Sticking

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Energy Release MuddOFF Super Concentrate - 32oz. (P601) $9.99


MuddOFF is a nontoxic, nonflammable, noncorrosive Release Agent that keeps mud, dirt, and sticky materials from sticking. It is a pretreatment you spray on before using recreational equipment. MuddOFF leaves a clear, no-stick film that protects nonporuous surfaces from sticky materials - making cleanup much easier. MudOFF will NOT harm paint, lettering, stickers, rubber or metal surfaces. Mix 1 part MuddOFF concentrate to 12 equal parts water. Use MuddOFF anywhere buildup of mud, dirt or sticky materials is undesirable. Make sure surfaces are clean and dry before applying. Just spray equipment with a garden hose and debris will wash should be reapplied before the next use.  One bottle of concentrate yields 2 gallons.


  • Prevents mud and dirt from sticking
  • Makes cleanup fast and easy
  • Prevents corrosion on bare metal surfaces

Safe to use on plastics, paint stickers and metal

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