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MuddOFF Technical

MuddOFF is a breakthrough pretreatment product in non-stick technology. MuddOFF creates a non-stick shield that keeps mud and other heavy debris from sticking to the body exteriror of almost any vehicle. Using MuddOFF greatly reduces the cleanup process. MudOFF will NOT harm paint, lettering, stickers, rubber or metal surfaces.


  • Use MuddOff anywhere buildup of mud, dirt, bugs, tar or sticky materials is undesirable.  
  • Make sure surfaces are clean and dry before applying.  
  • Shake well before using.  Spray evenly on desired surfaces.  
  • Allow MuddOFF to turn clear before exposing to recreational elements. 
  • For severe conditions, apply once and allow MuddOff to turn clear, and then apply a second coat.


  • Just spray equipment with a garden hose and debris will wash away.
  • This will also remove some MuddOFF, so it should be reapplied before the next use.

If equipment is cleaned with soaps or chemicals, make sure they are rinsed off and dried before applying MuddOFF.  Residue from cleaners may hinder the effectiveness of MuddOFF.

Caution: Do not spray on braking surfaces, tire treads or where slipperiness is undesirable.