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"I have been using Energy Release products in all of my race cars for over 25 years. The reliability of Energy Release helps us to finish races and run up front. Adding Energy Release to our engines helps eliminate oil related failures cause by lubrication breakdown. I recommend using Energy Release to anyone who is serious about cutting eninge repair costs and winning races." 
Sammy Swindell | 3-Time World of Outlaws National Champion

"We have been using Energy Release products in all of our racing applicaitons for over 20 years."
Jeremy Houle | Speedwerx

"Our engine builder continues to be impressd with the lack of normal engine wear components such as bearing, timing chains/gears and piston wear. Our engine builder has recommended that we plan for engine freshens at 40 nights instead of the usaual 30 nights." 
Joey Pederson #7P | Pederson Racing

"The Energy Release product line is outstanding. We have had a lot of success ever since we started using their products. A big thing that they do is make our components last longer. By applying their product and servicing it regularly we vary rarely have to replace bearings, chains and even motor wear is less than normal. With that said, you could only imagine the amount of money these products save us. It is a decent amount, that allows us to spend that extra money we have on other products."
Miles Paulus | Miles Paulus Racing

"We performed a dyno test on Jeremy Houle's 408 Speedwerx Race Engine on April 25, 2014 at R&R Performance in Spring Lake Park, MN. Corrected Torque and Horsepower numbers increased after adding Energy Release."
Ron Quarnstrom | Owner R&R Performance

"We as a reace team are very proud of our affiliation with Energy Release and highly recommend all of their products!! In the racing business if you don't finish, you don't win championships and we believe ER gave us the competitive edge that helped us win a track championship in 2013."
Richard Filkins (Owner Filkins Motorsports)

"We performed a dyno test on Jeremy Houle's 352 Speedwerx Race Engine on June 3, 2013 at R&R Performance in Spring Lake Park, Mn. When we added Energy Release, the results showed an Increase in Torque, Less Blowby, and More Air Flow through the motor." 
Ron Quarnstrom - R&R Performance

"We performed a dyno test on a Halls Racing Engines 454 Chevy on April 18, 2013. We established a base line reading, then added Energy Release...after 8 pulls, the corrected horse power increase by 1%".                                       
Chuck Cielinski, (Owner - Brickshop Dyno, Gilman, MN)                                                        

“I ran Energy Release in my rear end and seen a big difference in temperature and gear shavings between oil changes, very good positive results in that. I also ran ER in the engine oil and seen some oil temp and water temp drop. As far as the cutting and tapping, I will be needing some more. Worked very well!. All and all I liked the product.”
Matt Schow 2s | Midwest Modified Racer

“I use Energy Release in all my vehicles. My personal ones, my racing ones and my toys. Energy Release helps us to finish races and run up front.”
Sammy Swindell | 3-time World of Outlaws National Champion

"In March 1993 at the World of Outlaws race in Houston, Texas, our sprint car motor blew a water hose on lap 19 of a 40-lap feature. Thanks to Energy Release, we suffered no bearing trouble or oil-related problems at all. We have been using Energy Release ever since with the greatest of confidence."
Danny Lasoski

"ER on the dyno has outperformed anything we've ever used. Once we put ER in we have not seen any pitting of any ring gears, the gears look like they have never been used. I don't know how the made it or came up with it but somebody did their homework. I'm amazed."
Donny Schatz | World of Outlaws Champion

“Wow! What a difference Energy Release Made! The hotter the bike runs, the more powerful it gets! You can definitely feel it pull harder. It never did that before ER." 
Matt Drucker (Member of the Great Lakes Road Racing Associations)

“I have not had a lube related failure since I first started using Energy Releases...ER doubled the life of our rear-ends...Energy Re- lease is the product for me.”
Davey Hamilton | IRL Indy Car Driver)

“Energy Release is the finest product of its type available for use in all types of metal-to-metal applications...Peterson race team know Energy Release Antifriction Metal Conditioner is a must for ever race!”
Craig Peterson (Peterson Racing Team)

“This stuff is amazing! I’ve been using ER for 3 1/2 years in the supermodified. We have set multiple track records, a championship, and a win percentage that’s awesome. All this with no engine failures in the past 3 1/2 years, believe me, it really works! Seeing is believing!”
Troy Regier (Winner of 1998, 1999, 2000 Copper World Classic, 1998 WSMRA Supermodified Champion)

“Energy Release has been in our motor, rear-end and supercharger gear case since the day we were introduced to it. We like to think Energy Release is one of our best kept secrets.”
John Shoemaker | Winner of NHRA Winter Nationals)

On blown alcohol engines using screw type blowers, rod bearings have been known to be a weak link; sometimes requiring a re- placement every run. Since using Energy Release, we have virtually eliminated the problem. We were also experiencing burning of the clutch discs in our planetary transmission. Using Energy Release, we have been able to run clutch pack sets through their entire thickness specification range without premature failure.”
Steve Sommer (Sommer Motorsports)

“Arnie “The Farmer” Beswick is the most well know Pontiac Drag Racer in the world. His continuous series of Pontiac super stocks, funny cars and nostalgia door slammers have made him an undisputed fan favorite from coast-to-coast for over 40 years. Arnie can be counted on for racing and display and ost of all, for being attentive to his loyal fans who travel far and wide to see their hero up close and personal.” — Arnie “Energy Release products are used by all of our sponsored racers and all endorsements are a result of genuine satisfaction of our product’s performance.
Arnie “The Farmer” Beswick (Pontiac Drag Racer)

“During that critical time, when oil alone cannot keep the rotating surfaces from failing, ER keeps the surfaces perfectly protect- ed...we are extremely impressed and completely satisfied with the results of ER’s entire product line.”
Bobby Martin (Drag Racer)

“Energy Release has done quite a bit for us. Where we see a lot of improvement is in the valve springs. ER has reduced the operat- ing temperature of the valve springs between rebuilds. We used to change springs 2 and 3 times between rebuilds, now we don't see springs back until it’s time to rebuild the engines.”
Earl Gaerte (Circle Track Engine Builder)

“I don’t know how they made it or how they came up with it, but somebody did their homework. I’m amazed.”
Donny Schatz (World of Outlaws Champion)

“I use Energy Release on everything I own. Race cars, personal vehicles...anything that involves and kind of oil additives. We don’t build a race car without it.”
Joe Gaerte (World of Outlaws Racer)

“At over 300 MPH we have found the extra margin with ER, more than 15 world records attest to it!”
TNT Racing (Danny Boy) (World’s fastest single engine gas powered car)

“Under the adverse conditions we compete in, ER helps keep our equipment together. ER has increased the life span of our drive train components.”
Grave Digger

“Getting a full season out one drive chain used to e unheard of. However, with ER, we have found a competitive edge and improved chain, gear and bearing life.”
Team Tool Motorsports (Multi Driver Shifter Kart Racing Team)

“Whenever we go to victory lane, Energy Release goes with us.”
ppc Racing (NASCAR Busch Series)

“I use ER in all of my vehicles! It has given me increase mileage in my motor coach and makes my jet truck run smoother—I use all of the products. I haven’t found any other chemicals that actually work—ER delivers!”
Steve Quersio (Custom Built 57 Chevy Jet Truck)