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Powersports Testimonials


Complete Testimonial Letters - Snowmobile - Motorcycle

"The use of Energy Release (ER) products helped out our race team in many ways. The use of ER products has helped with performance and significantly reduced the wear of our driveline on our race sleds. Because of extreme heat and abuse, our chains and gears in our Cross-Country and Ice Racing sleds had a high failure rate, since we stared mixing ER with our chain lube, our problems have been essentially eliminated."
Gabe Bunke | Bunke Racing

"We have been using Energy Release products in all of our racing applications for over 20 years."
Jeremy Houle | Speedwerx

“We usually have to discard our sprockets and chains after 50 miles of racing, but with ER they are still in place after an entire season. I would recommend ER to anyone and everyone.”
Troy Pierce

“Since we began using ER in our chain case and bearings, we have not had one bearing failure. Our chain and gears last twice as long as they used to.” “Our race engines run more efficiently and the engine components last longer when we use ER. ER works.”
Chris Vincent

“Since we began using Energy Release we have gained in many aspects. Our engine durability is much better, we have not had any bearing failures and our chain cases have been bulletproof.”
Todd Wolff

“I benefit from using Energy Release because it makes all my parts run more freely including my engine, chain case, bearings and suspension. That little bit on an edge goes a long way.”
Nicole Nicholas

“ER has done a lot of stuff for me. ER is a product that basically helps your snowmobile go faster. I use ER in my motor, chain case, and bearings. ER is a good product, I use it everywhere on my race sleds.”
Mike Houle

“I have been using Energy Release products in my race sled for five years. I use Energy Release in my chain case and my engine. I like the increase in horsepower and my chain case stays much cleaner. My chains don’t stretch or break like they did before I started using Energy Release. I also use the Energy Release brake parts cleaner, degreaser, penetrating lube and hand cleaner. All of these products work great.”
Aaron Scheele

“I use Energy Release in my chainb case. My chain cases run cooler and it stays much leaner. I also use Energy Release in my engine, which shows less wear on the internal components. Energy Release products are used in all of my racing applications an my personal vehicles.”
Kurtis Crapo

“I applied ER in four areas of my race sleds: engine, chain case, and wheel bearings. When I took the engine apart, I noticed that the pistons and rings looked like new. The case bearings looked the same way.” “ I also added ER to the chain case on my race sleds. I noticed a lot less grinding in the oil. The chain and gears showed no sign of discoloring form the heat. I am definitely a believer in ER. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about cutting repair costs and winning races.”
Greg Rugland

“My chain case developed a leak about hallway through the 12-hours Enduro snowmobile race a Sault Ste. Marie, MI. When I came in for a pit stop, the chain case had no oil in it. The gears were so hot that th oil and ER mixture we poured back in the chain case began to sizzle. The gears and the chain were not damaged, thanks to ER. We went on to win the race. We receive the same kind of protection when we use ER in our tracing engines.”
Corey Davidson

“Energy Release is a quality engine treatment and metal conditioner that has made a great difference in my racing machines.”
Norman Ball III

“In the past I have always changed my chains and gears throughout the racing season. This year, for the first time, I used the same gears and chains for the entire year in all my racing sleds. ER works.”
Rick Ward

“We would like to thank all of our sponsors for a very successful 1996-97 Season. We want to thank Energy Release for the extra horsepower and reliability.”
Toni Haikonen

“My chains and gears in my racing sleds showed very little wear after they were treated with ER. ER works great.”
Darrin Gould

“Energy Release products are awesome.”
Guy Parquette

““We use the Aqua Sol 600 Soluble Oil in all our metal working fluid applications. This product has doubled the life of our cold-cut saw blade and it has extended the life our tooling in our mill and turning lathe.”
Terry Wahl

“My husband, who is my mechanic, really believes that using ER in our racing applications saved a lot of wear and tear on my race sled. Using ER made my engine last longer and perform better, While we were racing in Montana, we had the highest compression of all sleds tested in teardown. With the help of ER we were winners.”
Debbie Revering

“We use Energy Release to gain an edge on our’s working!” “With the help of ER, our team used only two sets of chains and gears the entire season! Great Ration or What!!! Check out our equation: 1 sprocket chain + ER = 1 500 mile cross- country win. 1 sprocket chain + ER = 5 wins & 1 snocross championship.”
Gabby Rivard