Concrete Projects

Solid Rock Precast offers many other concrete project options. There are options for long and short run projects.


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The Benefits of ZERO slump concrete use

Here are some of the key benefits of our Solid Rock Precast J bunks.

  Durability and Quality.

  Less feed spoilage.

  More resistant to surface damage from silage and stomach acids.

Hog and Cattle Slats come in a few different sizes. Though we do have options for custom solutions.

  Posts - 82" and 106" - 8 foot and 10 foot solutions

  Beams - 12ft., 10ft., 8ft.

  Slats (Hogs) - 10ft. and 8ft

  Slats (Cattle) - 12ft., 10ft., 8ft. - Same as beams.

Investing in quality product reduces the expense of replacing inferior products on a more frequent basis.

Use the Solid Rock Precast J bunks in conjunction with the cattle slats.

  Reduce chance of mud or debris in feed.

  Helps animal's legs while trying to feed.

  Increases feeding capacity.


Solid Rock Precast J feeder perfect fence line feeder.